Driving Green Fee Revenues

Green fee revenues have increasingly grown in importance for golf businesses in the UK over the last decade. Where once clubs could afford to focus purely on membership, this target audience is shrinking – leaving a hole in many clubs finances.

Many ‘Pay & Play’ businesses are also suffering from increased competition, inclement weather and wider economic conditions that have squeezed the consumer’s leisure pound.

This “Driving Green Fee Revenues” course examines the key strategies employed by successful clubs today in driving their green fee revenue.

Driving Green Fee Revenues


Section 1 – Green Fees & Golfers
– Why Green Fee Revenue is Important
– Profiling Golfers
– Promoting Green Fee to Promote Membership
– Directions to Increase Green Fee Revenue

Section 2 – Data Collection
– The Importance of Data Collection
– Techniques for Collecting Visitor Data
– What to Fill in
– Overcoming Staff and Customer Objections
– What Data to Collect
– Making Staff Accountable for Data Collection
– Databases

Section 3 – Green Fee Promotions
– Incentive Mechanism to Encourage Repeat Play
– What is a Promotion?
– Proven Successful Green Fee Promotions
– Member-Guest Green Fees

Section 4 – Golf Societies
– When a Golf Society is Not a Golf Society
– The Pro’s & Con’s of Group Bookings
– The Booking Process
– The Forward Sales Report
– Effective Group Booking Promotions
– Visitor Green Fees and Group Bookings
– Group Booking Pricing Strategies

Section 5 – Advertising Media
– Advertising to our Visitor Data
– Advertising to Potential New Customers
– Purchasing & Creating Databases
– Seven Times to Exhaustion
– Advertising Timing

Section 6 – Spreadsheet Tools
– Instructions & Set-Up


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